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Healing and Enhance

Acupuncture and moxibustion has the function of dredging meridians, regulating yin and yang,  strengthening qi and dispelling evil, in addition to being a means of treating diseasese, it also has certain health preservation effedt. through acupuncture and moxibustion, it cn stimulate acupoints and meridians, mobilize the internal disease resistance of human body, and achieve the purpose of preventing and treating diseases.



Tonify and Dispering

The moxibusture has the effect of tonifying yang and tonifying qi, warming the meridian and dispersing cold, dispelling wind and dehumidifying, dispersing the joint to reduce swelling, activating blood and relieving pain, thinning the meridian and activating collaterals, and so on. Moxibustion is pure Yang, with dispelling cold evil, tonifying Yuan Yang, meridian, regulating qi, so can warm up Yuan Yang, boost the body Yang Qi. Moxibustion can also cure diseases, for health care, physical fitness, longevity extension of its effect such as miracle


Chinese Tuina (Acupressure)

Invigorate and Smooth

The function of traditional Chinese medicine massage is to dredge meridians, invigorate qi and blood, and smooth joints. tuina is a non-drug natural therapy, physical therapy. Usually refers to the use of their hands on the patient's body surface, injured parts, discomfort, specific acupoints, pain places, the specific use of push, take, massage, rub, knead, pinch, point, pat and other forms of manipulation and force, in order to achieve dredging meridian, promote qi and blood, support injury pain, dispelling evil correction, Yin and Yang, prolong life.



Balance Your Energies

Cupping therapy, is a traditional Chinese medicine therapy. Cupping therapy is to use various jars as tools to cause internal irritation by burning or burning, thus producing a wide range of stimuli, forming the phenomenon of local congestion or congestion, which has achieved the purpose of prevention and treatment.

1. mechanical stimulation cupping therapy can cause internal irritation through exhaust, which can be attached to the skin surface, pulling the nerve, muscle, blood vessels and subcutaneous glands, which can cause a series of endocrine reactions in the nerve. It can improve the local blood circulation by regulating vascular relaxation, vascular function and vascular permeability. 2. the effect of cupping, local rapid congestion, blood stasis, small capillary even rupture, red blood cell rupture, hemolytic phenomenon. The release of hemoglobin in erythrocytes is a benign stimulus to the body. It can promote the phagocytosis of white blood cells through the double direction of nerve system, improve the sensitivity and tolerance of skin to external changes, and enhance the immunity of body. 3. can not only increase the blood flow, but also enhance the permeability of vascular wall and phagocytosis of cells. The changes of vascularity and mucosal permeability in cupping, the acceleration of lymphatic circulation and the enhancement of phagocytosis have formed an antibacterial environment for infectious lesions. In addition, the chronic stimulation of hemolysis plays a health care role for the human body.


Gua Sha


Gua sha (using scraping method to make skin out of color) can make local tissue highly congested, blood vessels and nerves stimulated to make blood vessels, blood flow and blood flow and lymphatic fluid faster, phagocytosis stronger, so that the body waste, toxins accelerated elimination, tissue cells are removed, thereby purifying blood, increase resistance, help reduce disease, promote recovery. Treatment of colds: scraping can damage microfilaments, increase sweat gland secretion, promote blood circulation, and have immediate effect on wind and cold arthralgia

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